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Are We The Right Fit?

Let’s start off by stating if you’re currently reading this, thank you for taking an interest into this amazing pressure washing business! With our awesome A1 customer service and stunning results, you’ll be sure to love every job done with us!

We Don’t Claim To Know It All

In the pressure washing industry, things are constantly evolving from new top grade chemicals to diesel pressure washers, which can sometimes be stressful for us pressure washing contractors. Although we are constantly being kept up to date with what’s going on in the industry, we just tend to stick to what works best for us in providing you the awesome results you’re looking for! If we were to introduce a new chemical or machine into the arsenal, we would first test it out to make sure it’s good enough to offer results to you guys! We are constantly learning and improving ourselves so yes. if there is ever a time that we miss a spot or any type of inconvenience, feel free to let us know and we’ll get it addressed then and there! Although the learning never stops, we can say with great confidence that we will always go out of our way to provide you the customer a service you can be proud of!

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Can You Afford Us?

Well let’s just say… probably. We understand that our prices can be bit high for some people which is why we can’t always be the exact match for every customer looking to have a pressure washing job done. We know the steps and resources it takes the get the job done right for you, keeping our overhead balanced, and expanding the company, so in that case we price accordingly. When we say that we are going to wash your house or stain your deck, we will always do the proper steps to make sure it’s a high quality job; taking the easy, fast route is for the $99 guy, not us.

Our Typical Engagement

You see us here at Clarity Cleaning Systems we like to make the process as easy, straightforward, and genuine as possible. You will either meet Chris (the owner) or a crew leader of ours when we arrive they the job site. The crew leader will just walk around your property addressing any small things noticed and bring them to your attention, communication is important! After the job is done, we’ll do another walk around to make sure you’re satisfied with job well done and clear up any concerns if any. Before we tend to head off, we always tend to leave a small gift for all of our customers. Just a small thank you for trusting us to get the job done for you!

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