Deck Maintenance Tips for Your Home

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Keeping your deck in great shape is one of your biggest and most difficult maintenance projects. It can take weeks to ensure your deck is clean and clear if you aren’t engaging in regular deck maintenance throughout the year.

The pressure washing experts at Clarity Cleaning Systems offer tips on how to keep your deck maintained throughout the year so you can avoid costly repairs.

Spring or Annual Cleaning

Annual cleaning is a great way to ensure your deck is kept in great shape for years to come. Wood decks especially need a yearly exfoliation to allow protective sealers to penetrate the wood deeper. This allows the sealers to protect your wood deck better.

If you’re looking for a low-cost, highly effective cleaning option, you should work with a local pressure washing company. Clarity Cleaning Systems offers premier deck washing for your residential property. Our deck washing experts will individually assess your deck to ensure you’re getting the best cleaning options available. To learn more about deck maintenance and how pressure washing can help, call Clarity Cleaning Systems today at 901-467-1316.

General Inspection

During or after your annual cleaning project, you should do a visual inspection of your deck. Look for signs of rot or loose screws or nails. These can be areas that need repairs.

A general inspection can be done by anyone, looking for damages that are easy to see. If you do find signs of rot or loose boards, it’s time to call in a professional maintenance team.

Sanding and Sealing

Keeping your deck surface swept clean of natural debris such as leaves, branches, or even trash helps to ensure your sanding and sealing project can start sooner. Two days before you plan to reseal your deck, you should sand down any fuzzy or splintery areas on your deck.

Once you’ve sanded your deck’s surface, it’s time to reseal your deck. Resealing your deck is a great way to protect the structure. Different sealants have different benefits and choosing the best one for your deck is important.

Routine Care

The best way to keep your deck in great shape is to engage in routine care. Your deck is exposed to the elements all the time. Water damage can become a problem when water is allowed to pool after a storm. Leaves and debris can cause damage and snow is another issue.

By engaging in regular sweeping and care, you’re protecting your deck to keep it in better shape for longer.

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