Drawbacks of Skipping Routine Pressure Washing Services in Memphis, TN

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Due to constant exposure to outdoor elements, outdoor constructions will build up dirt and grime over time. This can cause your house and property to appear unsightly, thus reducing property value and making your house an eyesore in the neighborhood.

To avoid this problem, you should invest in regular pressure washing in Memphis, TN. At Clarity Cleaning Systems, we specialize in pressure washing and other outdoor cleaning services. We also prioritize customer satisfaction, meaning that we offer our customers a 45-day warranty in case we miss a spot while cleaning.

Here are the biggest problems caused by skipping routine residential pressure washing services in Memphis, TN.

Reduction in Property Value

Because dirty properties are unattractive, skipping routine pressure washing services can reduce your property value. Leaving grime, algae, weeds, etc., for too long can damage the paint and other materials, meaning you will ultimately need to invest in repairs if you plan to sell your residence.

Built-Up Debris Is Harder to Clean

Leaving dirt and fungus for too long can cause permanent damage to your home. For example, some siding materials can become permanently stained when left for several months, making them impossible to clean.

Weed growth is also problematic, as weeds can destroy certain materials such as asphalt. These plants deepen cracks and cause them to become bigger. Pressure washing will exterminate weeds.

Allergen Accumulation

Dust, pollen, mildew, and other allergens can collect on exterior surfaces without routine exterior cleaning services. Thus, if you have breathing problems or allergies, leaving these contaminants can make your problems worse.

How to Prepare Your Home for Pressure Washing Services

If you decide to invest in a pressure wash service for your home, you should take the following steps to prepare your property:

  • Store furniture and outdoor objects: If you have any furniture, cars, or other objects in your yard or driveway, store them in your garage while we clean. These items can become both wet and dirty if left out. While we clean, water, old paint, and other debris will fall off your home which can cause damage to objects that are in the way.
  • Cover outside electrical boxes and outlets: Leaving electrical connections uncovered during pressure washing services is a fire hazard. Furthermore, these components can sustain water damage during power washing, requiring expensive repairs.
  • Secure any windows or other openings: Be sure to lock your doors and windows to ensure that the pressure from the water does not force them open. Any cracks or small holes can also allow water to seep into the interior of your home.

High-Quality Pressure Washing in Memphis, TN

For expert pressure washing in Memphis, TN, contact Clarity Cleaning Systems. We provide quick and affordable cleaning solutions to our clients throughout the Memphis area, such as pressure washing and roof cleaning. Clarity Cleaning Systems feels dedicated to top-notch customer service, which is why we take extra time to ensure your satisfaction.

If you are ready to invest in routine pressure washing services, call us at (901) 467-1316 today.

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