How to Prepare for Your Upcoming Cleaning Service

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Your property needs good washing to look its best, but you may be wondering where do you start? The next step you want to take after getting in touch with a reliable pressure cleaning company is to prepare your property. Pressure washing makes them more aesthetically pleasing and keeps it in better condition. If you are not sure on what to do before cleaning, we’ve answered the most asked questions concerning the service you have requested in order to prepare for your upcoming service. We can’t wait to meet you!​

Do I Have To Be Home During The Service?

No, although we would love to see you and chat with you, we are able to perform all of our exterior cleaning services without you being present at your home. If you plan to be away from home during the time of service please allow us to have access to all parts of your property that will be requiring cleaning.

How Should I Prepare For A Pressure Washing Service?

Ensure that all of your doors and windows are completely shut

Our homes are built to endure typical weathering from rain and wind but pressure washing (or even low-intensity power washing, which uses pressurized hot water for a softer yet equally effective cleaning) causes pressure that is greater than even the heaviest downpour. Please make sure that all of your doors and windows are completely closed to prevent water from entering the home through typical openings and passageways.

Ensure that we have access to all parts of your property and water source

Since we need to clean the inside of your property, we also need to have access to it. In addition, pressure washers need a lot of water to operate, and the water must be pressured enough at the source to run into the pressure washer and spray out of the nozzle. The pressure washer’s hose is typically attached to a powerful water source in order to supply the pressure washer with enough water.

Ensure that all of your pets and children are inside the home

Last but not least, keep kids and pets away from your home while it is being pressure washed. Because they are more likely to roam in front of the pressure washer’s blast, children and dogs should be kept indoors throughout the pressure washing process. The amount of pressure can cause serious injuries or even accidents.

Our pressure washing terms of service:

We are not responsible or liable for any of the following:

Pre-existing damage to any parts of your home including siding, fascia, roofing, windows, screens, concrete, pavers, stonework, brick, tile, decks, fencing, gutters, or roofing.

Standard pressure washing does not include the removal of any of the following:

Rust, oil, grease, glue, paint, caulk, concrete, or any other non-organic material from your surfaces.

How Should I Prepare For A Roof Cleaning Service?

Ensure that all of your doors and windows are completely shut

Just like pressure washing, you need to ensure that all doors and windows must be closed so no water or chemicals can go through inside your home.

Ensure that we have access to all parts of your property

We need to have access to your property, especially your roof.

Ensure that we have access to a working water source

When working for you, the majority of roof cleaning companies will use your water. Therefore, you need to have a reliable source of water on hand.

Ensure that all of your pets and children are inside the home

Never let kids help with pressure washing or let them be in the area of a pressure-washing job. Pets should also be kept securely away from the work area to prevent accidents or injury.

Make sure to water all of your plants thoroughly before we arrive

You should water the plants and shrubs surrounding your property before your professional power washing business arrives to clean your roof or your home. Plants that are parched and thirsty will absorb any fluids they can. This implies that if you haven’t watered your plants, they can soak up the cleaning chemicals that run off your house.

Do I need to be concerned about my plants?

In order to clean your roof with zero chance of damage and ensure the greatest lifespan of your roof, we will wash your roof with detergent and/or sodium hypochlorite. The use of soft washing with sodium hypochlorite completely removes the risk of using high pressure on your roof however it does come with some other inherent risks. The use of sodium hypochlorite on your roof is for the purpose of killing any organic living matter on the shingles or tiles of your roof. That being said, it is possible that the run-off of this cleaning detergent and sodium hypochlorite could harm other organic plant life near your home.

We cannot guarantee that your landscaping will be completely unaffected and you should be wary of any roof cleaner that says otherwise. We will do all that we can to help mitigate the risks of our cleaning detergents affecting plant matter around the base of your home. We will do this by pushing the water runoff towards areas with less plant matter. We will also dilute all concentrations of cleaning detergent by spraying water before and after the job. All of these precautions will help to greatly reduce the risk of affecting plant matter, but if you do notice any issues, feel free to call right away!

How Should I Prepare For A Gutter Cleaning Service?

Ensure that we have access to all parts of your property

Please make sure we have access to your property so we can get our job more efficiently.

Ensure that we have access to a working water source

All pressure washers need a power supply and a water source in order to operate at its optimum so make sure to have a steady water supply.

Ensure that all of your pets and children are inside the home

Children and pets can be roaming around while working, please make sure that they are inside the home to avoid further accidents or injuries.

Please let us know which garbage bin you would like us to dispose of all of the debris that is extracted from your gutters.

Our gutter cleaning terms of service:

We are not responsible for any pre-existing damages to your gutters or your siding. We are not responsible for the outcome of your gutters in any way if they are not in good condition or any of the following criteria is present: loose nails rotting wood or any visible detachment of the gutter from the house. If your gutters need downspout clearing we do offer this service but we do not provide underground clearing of the downspouts.

How Do I Pay For My Residential Service?

If you are home during the cleaning payment is due upon completion of our service. You may pay in the form of cash, check, or credit card. If you are not home during the cleaning service then we will email you an invoice with a link to a payment portal which you can then pay with a credit card. Payment is due within three business days of the sent invoice.

How Do I Pay For My Commercial Service?

All commercial cleaning services are subject to net 30 payment terms. You will be emailed an invoice with a link to a secure payment portal.

Relax, and Work with Experts

It does really seem like a lot! You’ll be working with hazardous materials on a demanding, challenging endeavor. Why not let us decide? Every day, we offer our clients top-notch, dependable professional outside cleaning services so you don’t have to.

Utilizing our professional service allows you to spend more time with your loved ones and less time on preparation and details. Get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation quote so we can help you get your exterior in top shape again!

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